Easy Being Green

Ages ago, when I worked at the Black Cat (RIP) in University City, E. (buyer/ gm) bought all of our office paper from a Pennsylvania based green online office supply store.  When I started Volta Soap, I opted to order from them, too.  GreenLine Paper Company sells everything you might need for an office – only green.  We’re not the biggest customers – we usually buy a couple packs of 100% PCW recycled cover stock and some Peace Coffee every few months or so.  I like ordering from GreenLine for a couple reasons – the eco products, of course, but also the fact that they’re so close makes me feel better about having recycled paper shipped to me.  (Not to mention the fact that I place an order and it almost immediately arrives on my stoop in recycled packaging material!)

Today I have a whole new reason to keep ordering from GreenLine Paper Company.  This morning I got an email that their delivery truck is coming my way soon and if I wanted them to bring me anything while they’re close by to let them know.  Who does that anymore?  I love that they’re not just playing the green eco friendly card to get my business.  Experiences like this make me remember why it’s important to support local, small businesses – because it’s not just about the money, it’s about providing a service to your community.  Thanks, S., for making my day.


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