Down Time

The last couple of weeks has been spent re-organizing the work space and focusing on the never ending task of labeling. There are times (in my alternate life as a painter) when I decide a painting is finished, hang it on the wall, and after a certain amount of time looking at the thing, wonder what I was thinking when I decided to stop working on it. I have a similar attitude when it comes to the soap labels – there’s just always room for improvement. During the rush, there’s never time to fix anything so down time is always filled with tedious graphic design. I often contemplate what it would be like to just hire a designer with mastery of everything Adobe who could probably do what I’m doing, better, in half the time. Then I think about what a control freak I am and how labeling hundreds of bars of soap at a time makes it easy for me to pick out the flaws, and I’m glad I only have myself to blame. This recent overhaul of the labels has born the cross band – many of which are cut from labels that are now obsolete.


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