Art Shop Excitement

Art Shop is coming up this weekend, which will officially kick off my frenzy of craftiness for the next few weekends. I’ve had a table at this fair since year one (I think we’re on year five now) and it’s always fun to see familiar faces and beautiful handmade crafts. People and stuff like Lauren and her lanterns, William and his prints, Stephane and her fabulous bags and quilts, the chocolate guy, and the woman with the red pepper jelly. When I started out, I was half of Loth & Volta but my partner in lye, H., was whisked away by her dh to upstate NY. Last year’s Art Shop was my first year going solo and it just wasn’t the same without her. So this year I’m excited to be sharing a table with my sister. I’m especially proud of this great book that she wrote and illustrated just in time for the holidays not to mention the gold tutus, the booboo buddies, and whatever else she’s come up with. It’s the first year either of us has shared a table, which is funny because I think we’ve both made more stuff than we’ve ever made before. I went to AC Moore and bought us some stacking wooden crates for space efficiency on the table – a concept I lifted from the gals of Rogue Theory who I had the pleasure of meeting at Cut the Craft a couple of weeks ago. Speaking of Cut the Craft, I also want to give a shout out to girls can tell and these awesome anatomical sweet heart tea towels I traded some soap for. Did I mention that you should buy handmade for the holidays?


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